Why so much Vegan food at SO?

Why so much Vegan food at SO?


Just needed to clear something up…

Chilli Black Beans

We’re not a Vegan Cafe, not a Paleo Cafe – we’re a Wholefoods Cafe! So why so much vegan food on our menu, we’re asked often? The reason is this:

Vegan food is of course plant-based = super healthy = gentler on the environment than meat / dairy.

We firmly believe that dairy should only ever be consumed if it’s organic, free from added hormones (and other nasties), and even then – for many people – it’s just not healthy! (if you’re not sure you agree, try going dairy free for a week and see if you feel any different? Many people feel less clogged, have clearer sinuses and generally feel better, off dairy products…)

That’s not to say that we don’t love Vegans or that we don’t support a vegan lifestyle – we totally do!

As for Paleo – we love supporting this diet because it’s grain-free and therefore gluten-free. And again, gluten-free is the healthiest option for so many people.

And while we’re at it, we’re not big fans of cane sugar either, which is why most of our meals, drinks and treats are cane-sugar free.

Our Vegan High Teas and our Vegan Feasts are of course perfectly suited to Vegans, but we also hope to give non-vegans a taste of just how delicious life can be without dairy, wheat, cane sugar or grains!

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