Helping Children THRIVE!! E course starts Monday…

Helping Children THRIVE!! E course starts Monday…

It’s no secret that we’re mad about helping kids to lead healthier, happier lives… So when our Guest Foodies for September announced they have a healthy kids ecourse starting Monday – we decided to spread their message a bit earlier than planned!


Alexx Stuart & Brenda Janschek are quite literally legends! Certified health coaches & passionate real food advocates, Alexx & Brenda are Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day Ambassadors & Wellness Bloggers. Alexx is a Mindd Foundation Ambassador and annual speaker at the Mindd conference whilst Brenda is a recipe creator and runs workshops, kitchen makeovers and cooking classes for parents and kids.

Their awesomeness knows no bounds.


Thousands of people have done Alexx & Brenda’s respective e courses. Now, they come together to help you tackle one of the things that causes us the most anxiety
as parents: ensuring our kids develop a love of real food in order to help them THRIVE.

GFSEPT_BrendaIt is every child’s birthright to have the greatest opportunity to enjoy life in robust health, avoiding chronic illness as best we can and it’s up to us to provide the best food education we can.

Our kid’s health is in our hands

THRIVE is bursting with tools to change your current picture in a deliciously positive way.

Whether your kids are fussy eaters or you’re simply struggling to get the good stuff into their little bodies, this one’s for you.


THRIVE: Raising kids who love real food, is a 21 day e course backed by 6 practitioners and their expert interviews. Everything Alexx Stuart & Brenda Janschek have learnt as certified health coaches and busy mums, everything they’re passionate about and believe in when it comes to children’s health is shared with you along the way in 10 jam packed modules. It’s all supportive, non diet-dictatorial, and practical information to help you help your kids THRIVE.

They’re so excited to be sharing this and helping parents with all the trickier aspects of parenting and health. It kicks off THIS MONDAY AUGUST 24TH.

If you want to work on fussy eating, stress free meal time, optimal nutrition for all aged children and more, you can sign up here

To Healthy, Happy Kids!

Kristen x




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