Fluoride Reducing Water Filters

Fluoride Reducing Water Filters

About a year ago, we started looking around to replace our old water purifier.  We’d been using a carbon filter and were quite happy with it, but had decided we wanted to upgrade to a fluoride filtering system.

We’d been told by naturopaths and developmental experts that fluoride was to be avoided, particularly for our son whose neurological development may be affected by exposure to fluoride.  Abbie Cloherty has written an article for us explaining more about fluoride and why it is to be avoided in our water supply. Click here to read.

We settled on a Durand filtering system for our home – it’s handmade from ceramic and sits on the benchtop.

The first thing we noticed about the Durand is that we couldn’t get enough of this super clean water! We all had the same reaction, even our daughters commented that it was as if we were being hydrated for the first time! Melbourne water is supposedly very good quality and we were used to filtering with the carbon unit, thinking this gave us good quality water, but this new water was just incredible.

Two weeks later it was pretty clear to us why we’d noticed the change – the filter inside our system was absolutely disgustingly brown with slimy, sticky muck! You can see it here, at left, next to a brand new filter on the right.

Luckily the surface of filters can be cleaned regularly to clear this residue, each time reminding us that this stuff didn’t make it into our bodies.

Having had our Durand for 10 months now, we can really taste the difference on the odd occasion when we have to drink tap water.

Ever since I posted this ‘muck’ picture on our NBK facebook page, I’ve had people asking about the Durand system.  I’m really happy to say that we are now offering this brilliant water filter at a special price for our members.*

You can read about the filters and see the available colours here. You’ll be able to see from this link that the normal price for the filter is $405 including shipping to Melbourne (prices vary by destination). We can now offer them to our members for $360 to be collected from our Melbourne store,  plus $10 to deliver with fresh produce orders (around Melbourne), or plus shipping rates outlined on our Shipping Rates Page to any address in Australia.  The filter system weighs 16kg, so for example, if you live in Perth, the shipping cost would be $24.50 (zone 3 on shipping page), making the unit $384.50 from us, all inclusive versus $435 direct from Durand.

Additionally, because this shipping charge from us is for a package up to $20kg, you could order some of our grocery lines to add to the order and have them arrive for free. You can download the members grocery price list here – see the range of products we have available for our members.

*What if you’re not a member? You can still order the unit through us, but at the full retail price of $400.

To offer the filters at this special rate, we have to order 6 units at a time. If you are keen to order one, you can do so via our shopping cart – click here – or you can send an email and ask us to invoice you. We will need a deposit of 50% with your order, balance payable prior to them leaving Queensland on their way to us. The units are made to order and take up to 3 weeks to produce, so availability will depend on other orders we have on our books. (Next batch due in-store late August.)

And if you have a big family and think you’ll be needing a bigger unit, let us know and we will quote you.

~ Kristen.




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